Most Versatile Electric Guitars

So why get a versatile guitar? Effectively, while most of the best known electric guitars have a singular tone, there are others that you will find represented across genres. Their sound is flexible enough to adjust to a broad range of scenarios that are different. In case you are an experienced guitarist who plays with numerous bands, it will shorten your life tremendously to have one guitar that is a tone chameleon instead of purchasing another axe for every situation.

The guitars on the list below all fit this profile to a tee. The mixture of build and included electronics give them a sound that operates in almost any situation, which makes them several of the most multipurpose guitars you will find.

Below are the recommendations of ours for the four most versatile guitars on the market:

Epiphone Les Paul Studio Guitar

Epiphone is to Gibson what Squier is to Fender: the lower cost alternative for players that would like a Gibson sound but do not have a Gibson budget. The Les Paul Studio from Ephiphone brings you exactly the same feel and tone as the Gibson Les Paul, but at often a much reduced cost.

Like a lot of Les Pauls, this guitar uses mahogany for the body and neck, both designed with speed and player ease in mind. Additionally, it provides you with exactly the same high end hardware, including a Tune-O-Matic bridge along with a stopbar tailpiece for adjustable action and precise tuning. Probably the most apparent difference is in the pickups. This one uses Zebra Coil Ceramic humbucker that present a bright tone, and sound just as good paired with a broad range of equipment.

There are several features on the Gibson Les Paul you may well miss on the less expensive version, perhaps most notably the coil switching pickups, but in case you are searching for a balance of versatility and value it is a good option to check.

Ibanez RG Prestige Guitar

Ibanez is perhaps best known for their hollowbody and semi hollowbody designs, but in case you are searching for probably the most versatile guitar in the catalog of theirs a solid body model like the RG Prestige will be a lot more up the alley of yours. It uses a distinctive double cutaway design that is going to look at home on any stage. The precision craftsmanship and top tier electronics give it a sound which will complement the look.

Ibanez uses ash for the entire body of the guitar (see full specs), similar wood that Fender uses on several of its hottest models. It is a naturally more porous wood than a lot of the hardwoods used for guitar construction, and that gives guitars made with it a sweeter, more resonant tone. This’s combined with a maple and walnut neck, what Ibanez calls their “Super Wizard High Performance” neck design, which is smooth playing and lets your fingers fly on lines that are fast. The Prestige edged jumbo frets allow for even more freedom and bends with the notes, also.

This particular guitar was created with metal players in mind, and that is the primary reason it is created for power and speed, but it is most certainly not limited to that genre. The exact same issues that make it fantastic for metal are equally well suited to other genres, including the installed DiMarzio Air Norton pickups. it is not the least expensive option, but for a guitar that is both versatile and flashy, It is difficult to beat.

Squier Guitar by Fender Affinity Telecaster

We name dropped Squier before as an example of an inexpensive brand and here is an entry that lives up to that reputation: the Affinity Telecaster. Because it is built to similar specifications as the original Fender Telecaster, the build and sound quality are both above you would most likely expect, given the cost.

The single coil Telecaster pickups are maybe the most crucial element of the classic Tele sound, as well as the pickups installed on this particular model deliver. And that sound is fairly flexible, working well for rock, country, as well as metal with a little bit of tweaking, though it might be way too bright for softer genres.

In terms of playability, it gets good marks, also. It’s the classic top loaded bridge that tends to make it much easier to tune and switch the strings. The C shaped neck is a contemporary upgrade to the classic Tele design, making it much easier to play in any kind of style.

Fender Classic Series’ 70s Stratocaster

The sounds of a Fender Strat is synonymous with the classic rock tone of the’ 70s. Rock players of any style will find a great deal to love in this modern re creation of those beloved vintage instruments. It not just sounds wonderful, it is also quite playable, with an U shaped neck that allows the fingers of yours really fly over the frets.
The pickup system on this guitar is maybe its best feature with regards to versatility. It uses a three pickup system instead of the 2 found on many guitars. You are able to toggle between them using the selector switch, giving you access to multiple tones there on the instrument of yours. In this situation, the pickups are all Fender single coil pickups, vintage styled to provide you with those’ 70s tones.

You will find a great deal of small details to love about this particular guitar. It’s F style tuners as another vintage touch, and the bullet truss rod is quite simple to adjust. Having all of these attributes together, you might argue it is among the most versatile guitars for the investment.

In Conclusion

The guitar itself is not the one and only thing that goes into creating the sound of yours. The additional products you use is just as vital to crafting tone that is perfect, and one thing that many of these guitars share is they work with a number of different set ups.

In the proper hands along with the correct effects and amp, nearly every guitar could be put forth to fit into nearly every style of music. The choices on this list just make it a bit simpler to draw out those varying tones. When you are searching for the so called most versatile guitar, any of these 4 above are really worth a look. Good luck!


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