Best Humbucker Sized P90 Pickups

Installing most P90 pickups on a guitar built for humbuckers is a hassle. It is not only a case of connecting a few wires. Obtaining a pickup to fit on a guitar it was not designed for requires adjustments to the guitar itself, forever altering the body of the instrument.

Humbucker sized P90s solve this particular issue by putting a humbucker case on a pickup wound like a P90, giving you that distinctive tone with no alterations to the instrument of yours. We have picked out several of our favorites below – in the estimation of ours, the greatest ways to expand the sonic possibilities of the guitar of yours.

Below are our reviews of the four best humbucker sized P90 pickups on the market:

Seymour Duncan SPH Phat Cat P90 Pickups

Seymour Duncan is among the most recognized names in guitar pickups, and the Phat Cat is most likely most recommended humbucker sized P90s that you will find on the market. It is generally a soapbar style single coil pickup plopped under a humbucker cover, letting you get the single coil pickup sound you want for genres as country & rock on a guitar which was built for humbuckers.

This set includes both neck and bridge pickups in a single (see full specs). You are able to purchase them individually, as well, in case you would prefer, but you will keep a couple of bucks overall buying them together, in case you know you will wish to put them in both positions. Although this’s probably the most expensive pickup set on the list, you are able to try them risk free because of Seymour Duncan’s Real life Exchange Policy. You will receive twenty one days to try out them out on the guitar of yours. When you do not love them for any reason, you are able to swap them for another Seymour Duncan pickup, with no hassle.

As for the pickup itself, it uses an Alnico two magnet with a classic single coil design. This provides you with a huge sound with superior sustain, but with a less aggressive front end than you will get out of most single coil designs. While it does still produce the 60 cycle hum like an ordinary single coil pickup, the nickel plating reduces the amount of extraneous noise and also gives the signal extra shielding to prevent interference. If what you are just after is a single coil sound from a dual coil guitar, the Phat Cat could be the means to obtain it, making it one of the very best humbucker sized P90 pickups around.

Seymour Duncan TBPR 1b P-Rails P90 Trembucker Bridge Pickup

Yet another excellent choice from Seymour Duncan is the P Rails P 90 Trembucker, which is a particularly useful little pickup. It provides you with the choice of switching between a P90 and a single coil sound, all in a package which will drop right in to any humbucker guitar. And the same as the Phat Cat above, you will get to make use of Seymour Duncan’s Real life Exchange policy, allowing you try it out risk free.

A trembucker (see full specs) is somewhat different than a humbucker. it is exactly the same basic shape, but It is designed for F-spaced guitars – a somewhat wider spacing than typical pickups. Add that spacing to the switchable design and you’ve essentially the most unique pickups you will find from any brand.

The three way toggle lets you select to use either coil separately or perhaps both coils together. You will get a geniun P90 tone out of the very first coil, or perhaps switch on the rail coil and get a classic Strat like punch. The mix of wax potted poles and Alnico five magnets cap off the quality construction and audio production. This’s among the very best humbucker sized P90 pickups around.

DiMarzio DP163 Bluesbucker Humbucker P90 Pickup

Another brand that is popular for their high quality pickups is DiMarzio, and the Bluesbucker is the entry of theirs into the humbucker sized P90 category. Just like the P rails Trembucker above it gives you several different tonal options, basically functioning like 2 different pickups put together into one – all in a package that fits some humbucker guitar with no modifications.

The Bluesbucker is really the very best of both worlds when you are talking about pickups. It cancels out the hum the same as an ordinary humbucker, however provides you with the bright, bold tone associated with a standard P90. Better still, you are able to also split the pickup and get a Strat like single coil sound, thus, making this a really versatile pickup that can adapt to nearly every playing style – all without any extraneous noise.

There is some very innovative technology inside of this pickup. Probably the most important will be the Airbucker technology, which has a narrow string window that gives the pickup the dynamic sensitivity associated with a classic single coil pickup. The Virtual Vintage technology, meanwhile, gives it an open, transparent tone, particularly when you use Bluesbuckers in both bridge and neck positions. When you are searching for probably the most versatile humbucker sized P90, this’s an excellent choice for you.

TFW Replacement Pickup Set Humbucker Sized P90

If you are with limited funds and also need an option that is a little less expensive than the 3 above, this set of humbucker sized P90s from The Fret Wire is certainly worth a look. You will receive a pair of pickups, one each for the neck and bridge, for about half what you would pay for one pickup from several other brands – a complete steal, in the book of ours.

The primary difference between this pickup and costlier options is the magnet. It uses a ceramic magnet instead of the costlier Alnico magnets that are in the 3 pickup models above. Ceramic magnets lack several of the subtlety you will get out of the costlier Alnico magnets, but they likewise give you much more output overall, something a large amount of individuals are searching for out of a P90 pickup, anyway.

In case you are interested in the noise level, these will still eliminate the 60 cycle hum like other humbucker in case you wear them in the center spot. The build quality is sound, also, especially considering the cost. The quality of the sound is not quite up to with several of the costlier pickups above, but in case you would like that classic P90 tone for an excellent value, you truly cannot beat the cost on these pickups.

The Important thing on top Humbucker Sized P90 Pickups

Typically, humbucker sized P90s cost a little more than some other pickups. When you want that P90 sound, although, the only other choices of yours are to make adjustments to the guitar of yours or even to purchase a brand new guitar built for P90 pickups – and both of the options will cost you a great deal more than any of the pickups on this list. The versatility and ease of these pickups makes them worth the investment. Good luck!

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