Best Flat Ride Cymbals

So why get yourself a flat ride cymbal? Very well, not other cymbal provides you with the firm control of a flat ride. The dry tone was an enormous portion of the Latin inspired jazz sound of the’ 60s. For a sonic reference, think Roy Haynes on Chick Corea’s Now He Sings, Now He Sobs. They are good for small group jazz since they offer a much softer and more subtle ride tone than the traditional bell design.

Some modern flat ride cymbals are going to give you an extremely dry tone, while others will have a bit more decay and shimmer. While they are significantly less common as other cymbal styles, you may still find a number of great options these days, in an array of styles and sizes. Take a look at the products below to see our favorite flat rides – one of them just may be the best addition to the kit of yours.

These’re the recommendations of ours for the four best flat ride cymbals on the market:

Zildjian K 20″ (Editor’s Choice)

When you would like a flat ride with probably the driest tone possible, the Turkish made flat rides needs to be at the top of the list of yours. The light flat ride cymbal from Zildjian’s K line is hammered ultra thin, using similar traditional techniques they employ on other cymbals in the line. The effect is a tone that is both dark and defined – dry if you ride it however effective at a great wash if you crash it.

Even when you are making use of a quieter cymbal, you occasionally wish to have an explosive moment. That is something we love about the Zildjian K flat ride. The sound completely changes when you lay into it, with a power and warmth that is shocking in contrast. The one possible disadvantage of the light weight of its is it is going to sway much more than you are accustomed to from a 20″ ride cymbal. This could make it more difficult to control in the beginning, but once you become used to it you will be astonished by how it plays.




Bosphorus Cymbals BP18FR 18 inch

Bosphorus is yet another business you need to consider in case you are going for that ultra dry Turkish flat ride sound. Their Black Pearl series is a hybrid of the company’s unlathed Master Vintage and lathed Master series. This distinctive approach works especially well for the flat ride, that has a deep, shimmering tone that is unlike other cymbal on the list.
The Black Pearl is a showstopper, both in terms of sound and looks. It is a cutting-edge design with a distinctive black finish. And also the audio matches the finish, particularly when you crash it – shimmering and rich with a rapid decay. It is a blast to play, also, very responsive to the stick of yours and able to a great deal of various sounds once you begin playing around with it. It gets very high marks for both control and versatility, and it will look fantastic on the kit of yours, to boot. Hands down, this’s among top flat ride cymbals for the investment.

Meinl Byzance 20 inch

The flat ride is very common on jazz kits, and the Byzance flat ride from Meinl was created especially with the requirements of that genre in mind. It’s the precision and dynamic control you really want from a flat ride but with a warmer tone with a bit more presence than the cymbals above. It is ideal in case you are searching for a sound that is softer than a regular ride however has a good sustain.
You are able to get the Meinl Jazz Club ride with or perhaps with no rivets. The rivets add a little bit of sizzle to the sound, though some individuals find they muddle the clarity of the attack and prefer the cleaner tone you get without them. Both versions are hand hammered, with large hammer marks that give the overall tone its dark, almost velvety tone. It is an ideal cymbal for a vintage jazz player, so the intricacy of the tone causes it to be a flexible choice for any person who is searching for a more subtle ride.

Soultone Cymbals

Flat rides are a far more special cymbal, and that usually translates to a greater price tag. The budget conscious drummer might want to have a look at this cymbal from Soultone, that may give you that sought after control. Just since it is inexpensive does not mean they shirk on the quality, either. Each cymbal is hand hammered for consistency and precision, and you will love the great finish.

When compared with other flat rides, the Soultone has a bit of a distinctive feel. The most effective way to describe it’s it is a bit bouncier, with a livelier response to the stick of yours. This’s ideal in case you are generally considering a flat ride for the control. In terms of tone, it is as amazing as the finish, a bright, crisp sound that is still soft enough to not overwhelm the bandmates of yours. For value, you cannot do better compared to the Soultone CBR.


The very best Flat Ride Cymbals: Does Size Matter?

The flat ride cymbal traditionally comes in either 20″ or perhaps 18″ diameters. Both sizes are represented on the list above. The sonic difference between sizes will be very apparent when you crash the cymbal. A 20″ cymbal is going to be a lower pitch, and able to somewhat more volume than an 18″ cymbal of the very same design. When it involves the ride sound, the pitch difference in the key point you will notice; the 20″ is going to be much deeper, and the 18″ a bit brighter.

But Which One’s probably the Best?

Which depends on whether you are mostly shopping for feel or sound. The sounds of the Zildjian light flat ride best captures the traditional flat ride tone. It provides you with the iconic dry attack and quick decay that defined the sound of the original’ 60s models.

Whichever one you go with, adding perfect flat ride cymbal to the kit of yours is able to allow you to take the entire volume down a notch without losing intensity, keeping the groove going at every dynamic level.

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