Best Mouth Harps

Best Mouth Harps – Top 5 Mouth Harps for Sale Online

The Mouth harp, also known as the Jew’s harp or jaw harp, is one of the easiest mouth instruments to find, use, and learn. The instrument consists of a reed or tongue, that is generally placed between the metal frame.

You place the reed between your mouth, leaving enough space such that your teeth do not touch it, and blow air out in order to make a sound. Depending on the intensity of breath, shape of mouth, and the type of jaw harp, a variety of different sounds and melodies can be created. This instrument is ideal if you’re looking to quickly learn an easily available and affordable instrument.

How to find the best Mouth Harps?

When it comes to finding the best mouth harp, there is a world of options to choose from – though this can quickly become a daunting and overwhelming task.

The easiest way to go about this predicament is to list out your personal requirements related to the instrument. If you are a beginner, maybe you should go for the Dan Moi harp, which is a relatively cheaper and easier-to-play option. As a beginner, you should also keep in mind the sharpness and rigidity of the reed, as the discomfort from the possible teeth strikes can be off-putting.

If you are a pro, you can opt for a sturdier Glazyrin product or a more Western-style harp. These products will produce a larger range and variety of sounds, so that you can play in key with other instruments or even improvise with your abilities.

Depending on the pitch of sound you want to play, smaller harps generally have a high-pitched sound leading to a more electronic sound, whereas larger harps have a lower pitch and tone, ideal for folk or traditional music.

You can also choose from different materials such as brass. Though, while brass is an attractive metal, it is also more expensive. Steel is the most durable and strong amongst different materials. Wood is cheap but also decays the quickest. You can also ensure your jaw harp does not age too quickly by purchasing it with a protective carry case, especially useful in humid regions.

Some jaw harps that are created by certified Russian masters practically guarantee a good playing experience. More often than not, it is worth it to go out on a limb and purchase these quality, branded products.

There is also the case of tuned vs untuned.

Tuned jaw harps will be more expensive as the creator has to go through the process of ensuring the mouth harp is matched to the required note.

Untuned jaw harps are fine for beginners or people unaware of different kinds of notes, as you can play the instrument by yourself.

You can also choose from the realm of professional jaw harps if you want more of a powerful, booming sound. Keep in mind that consistent playing and practice is necessary to enjoy this product, otherwise you are better off buying a showpiece that can collect dust on your mantle.

Do not be discouraged by any mistakes like your teeth striking the metal, as these can often be attributed to incorrect stroke methods or holding the instrument incorrectly. Listing out all your needs will help you understand what product you want.

To make it even easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best mouth harps on the market so that virtually all your harp needs can be met. They range from beginner to professional level, brass to steel, Glazyrin to P. Potkin, and most things in between.

1. Wave Jew’s Harp

If you find yourself quickly winded and out-of-breath after playing the Jew’s harp, this may be the product you are looking for.

This Vargan produced by Dmitry Glazyryn provides professional jaw harp quality and sound. It produces a tone-rich sound that is loud, consistent, and clear. You can play it for hours without facing discomfort or striking your teeth against it. Due to its thin, delicate body, it is easy on the ears, teeth, and hands.  Hence, it is a great product for children who want to learn and explore new instruments.

Beginners and professionals alike will find this jaw harp satisfying all their learning and playing requirements.

The excellent craftsmanship and packaging indicate that this is a product made with great care. Being less than an ounce, it is lightweight and easy-to-handle. Its dimensions are 1.8×1.2×0.8 inches, which is a comfortable fit for most adults.

Twanging sounds can easily be solved by adjusting the metal frame and playing the harp in a low and slow manner. You can choose to purchase it in different styles of carry-cases that come with magnetic clasps.

These carry-cases are protective and durable, offering a stylish option as a jaw harp set. If you are looking to end your search of where to buy a jaw harp, this is one of the best ones in the game.


  •      Loud and clear sound
  •      Great craftsmanship
  •      Easy-to-learn
  •      Lightweight


  •      Requires tuning
  •      Delicate

2. Shamanicshop Jew’s Harp

This Jew’s harp is also made by the Russian master, Dmitry Glazryn, this Jew’s harp is what you need if you are looking for a well constructed, long lasting product.

It is a Dan Moi, which means that it offers a high-pitched and electronic sound. Although it is over an ounce in weight, it has a reliable and sturdy body.

The 100x35x5 mm allows for a comfortable, if slightly big, grip. It is handcrafted in Siberia with stainless steel, so that when you put your product to rest, it will definitely not rust, in quality of material or sound.

It produces a unique, low tone and the sharp reed allows for a distinct and clear sound. The polyphony of this instrument can allow you to create fun and harmonious improvisions; you will no longer need to inquire at all avenues where to buy a jaw harp.

It is easy to use as it is a tuned jaw harp. There is little possibility of your teeth striking the instrument, but it is important to be cautious of the sharp reed. Although the reed is a little soft, it is better for beginners since if it strikes the teeth it will not hurt as much and it will also be more responsive to strokes as well.
However, it is not a “toy” harp and can play a variety of melodies as well.


  •   Sturdy build
  •   Stylish design
  •   Crafted from stainless steel
  •   Depth of sound


  •   Slightly bulky
  •   Sharp reed

3. Jew’s Harp by P. Potkin

If you want to set yourself apart from all the other jaw harp novices, this product is a superb choice. It is smaller in size and weight (at 1.6 ounces) but what it lacks for in size, it makes up for in quality of sound. It is a well crafted product with a brass body and a steel reed.  

The crisp and crystal clear sound will allow you to play both fast jigs and slow tunes to impress your friends. You can make up silly jingles from the dynamic range of sounds offered by this product. It will give you a music experience beyond that of a souvenir or a toy as it is designed by the Altai-based master of Russian jaw harps, Pavel Potkin.

As the product is quite small at 67x30x5 mm, it requires gentle handling and good maintenance. The jaw harp set contains a voguish cedar case with a leather cord. You can place the harp in it when not in use for protection and rust-prevention. Brass is a softer material than steel, so you can play it with more ease. The tuned jaw harp is made of brass, making for a beautiful and harmonious combination with the casing.

It’s great for anyone looking to have a little fun and look pretty cool while playing an instrument.


  •   Fashionable carry case
  •   Lightweight
  •   Clear and distinct sound quality
  •   Easy-to-use


  •   Small size
  •   Unsatisfactory packaging

4. Altay Jew’s Harp

Getting into the world of jaw harps can be a complicated process, but this Jew’s harp makes the process super easy for beginners and children. It is ideal for people who want to learn on an instrument that is not a toy.

Similar to the Jew’s Harp by P. Potkin, this product is also created by the virtuoso Russian master, providing the unmatchable original quality. It is also made of brass and with similar dimensions of less than 7 cm. It weighs in at 2.4 ounces, which is a little heavy but makes it a stable and long lasting product.

The contrast of the gold and silver colors displayed by the brass and steel gives the product an aesthetic appeal. I It is quite small but functions perfectly well.  Although it is not a professional jaw harp, it provides the benefits of being loud and easy-to-clean as well as use.

It comes in a light-leaf case made of cedar that is attached to a leather cord. The light leaf shaped case is an attractive design and you can easily place the harp in it to ensure it remains protected and clean when not in use.

You can use this harp to pick up rhythmic playing quite easily and produce many different melodies.


  •   Powerful sound
  •   Easy-to-clean
  •   Durable carry case
  •   Ideal for beginners


  •   Limited sound range
  •   Delicate product

5. Alto Austrian Jew Harp

This product is great for people looking to use the jaw harp for fun, musical education or therapy. It comes in an attractive black and red hue and a steel body. It weighs in at just under an ounce and is about the size of your palm at 8.5× inches.

Designed and created by Grover Trophy, it is easy to hold and play. It provides a fine tuned pitch in order to create many different sounds.  It is a little quiet but you can easily play different notes on it.

The thinner and more delicate reed allows children and beginners to pick up the instrument quickly and without hurting themselves. Although the red coating comes off after extensive use, the product continues to function perfectly well.

Ensure that you take proper care of this harp, as with any other instrument, in order to prevent rusting. There is less of a necessity to be super aware when playing as the reed is quite thin and will not hurt too much when it strikes the teeth.

Picking up jaw harp skills can easily translate into better motor skills and rhythmic judgement.


  •      Easy-to-learn
  •      Attractive design
  •      Comfortable size
  •      Thin reed


  •      Outer paint chipping off
  •      Does not come with carry case

You can play many different genres of music such as Western Folk or even electronica, depending on the design and style of the jaw harp.

You can pick up the basics and a three-note tune within an hour of learning. It is also super easy to maintain, requiring only water and soap rinse after each use.

Keep in mind the spacing between your teeth and the instrument, as it can produce a painful clanging sound, but other than that, there is almost no operational risk involved in playing this fun-sized instrument.

This article provided a compilation of the best jew harps on the market, all of them being superior in terms of production, packaging, and overall quality. You can pick and choose depending on whether you are a beginner learning from scratch, or a professional looking for specific features.  

Like any other instrument, playing the Jew’s harp will stimulate your creativity and imagination.