Best Cheap Wah Pedals

Vox V845 Classic Wah Wah Pedal (Editor’s Choice)

best cheap wah pedals
Sporting the iconic black powdercoat chassis, durable metal housing, and and straightforward design, the Vox V845 Classic Wah channels the origins of a legendary effect into a modern pedal. Easy to use, this iteration of the wah also features adaptability with AC power so you don’t have to keep burning through batteries. Whether you’re new to the world of wah or looking to re-up on a classic, the V845 is the place to go.
So far as tone is concerned, I would think about the wah being a slightly “sweeter” and much more fluid sweep than the Cry Baby. Maybe it might be described as really organic of the 2 sounds. Nevertheless, to be truthful, it is splitting hairs to try to draw a lot of distinction between this and the first Cry Baby wah.
They are really similar.
Both are excellent pedals as well as tend to see a great deal of use from amateurs and professionals alike.
Joe Satriani has spent a VOX wah much like this one (I feel he’s a signature style now) for the whole career of his.


Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby

best cheap wah pedals


Moving the pedal feels great under the feet as well as creates a heavy, responsive wah tone that is extremely addicting.
The initial Cry Baby is a catch all wah wah pedal, great for every design and all levels of skill.
Getting a decent wah pedal can actually be a catalyst for improving other aspects of your playing. Diving into some classic funk comping with the wah will boost your right hand precision (think of the theme from Shaft). Palm muting and using the wah to accent certain chopped rhythms is not only fun but gets you to think about rhythm and accents without worrying about melody or fingering.
It is the wah pedal and among the “safest” guitar pedal buys I can suggest.






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