Vox VLL1 Review

While high-quality amps will be their strong suit, Vox has a few excellent guitar pedals in the marketplace. Their VLL1 looper pedal may just be one of the best inventions, and among the very best looping pedals you can get.

The plan is easy and intuitive. There are just two footswitches, one for each looping bank. The”Loop Level” dial sets the amount of the loop. The knob on the left activates one of 12 effects such as chorus, reverb, and distortion. Some of the effects sound good, some do not, that is to be expected from a simple multi-effect chip. Selecting their level with the same knob requires some getting used to. While effects are a nice bonus, let’s not get distracted from the looping.

Each bank can record up loops to 90 minutes long, and you get infinite overdubbing options together with the ability to undo and redo. The two separate banks make it simpler to keep track of items. It seems like Vox made this looping pedal using live performance in mind. It is a powerful loop that is easy to use. Perhaps the best multitrack looping pedal at its price range.

Even though there’s but 1 input, you’ve got two options. One for average guitar chords and you for unbalanced microphone cords. You can switch between both using a small switch on the bottom of the box. The most important feature that sets it apart from the looper is the function. This allows you to decide on duration and speed to which the loops will synchronize. This way you are able to bypass the barrier of learning to time your loops.

Even though the sound quality is not perfect, it’s still quite good and should suffice for most guitarists. One thing to note is the fact that it doesn’t come with a power supply, and therefore you want to get a separate one.

This is a superb choice for beginners who want an all-in-one solution with a looping pedal which works nicely without costing a lot of money.


  • Multitrack looping with separate pedals
  • Quantize function
  • Multi-effect unit included
  • Easy to use


  • Only one input

Since it becomes apparent in the get-go, we are coping with a dual-pedal device revolving around a string of consequences and also a loop function. In general, there are 12 various on-board effects you’ll be able to use in your operation and combine them to create up to 90 seconds of loops through two independent stations.

It is possible to create additional overdubs and create additional undo and redo edits. The product also includes the Quantize feature which allows you to make phrases of any desired length within the given limits or synchronize the two recorded loops to a tempo of your selection.

The item features a tool input along with an XLR mic input, letting you add up to 2 audio sources to your looping mix.

Loop pedals generally tend to have more basic controllers, but that is not the case with this Vox fella. It doesn’t take long to get accommodated to it, however. The two footswitches before are used for controlling the recording both available channels, while the 2 knobs are used for choosing the desirable guitar effect and also for adjusting the level of loop sign which gets injected into your ultimate sound output.

Additional noteworthy features include a built-in metronome, a tap tempo feature to manually adjust the speed of this recording, an auto-recording alternative, along with a clear button for deleting the loop.

The footswitches are rather easy to use, provided that you keep these instructions in mind — tap once to begin recording, tap twice to prevent, and hold to undo or redo.

The audio quality is not really on par with high-end apparatus, but it is powerful and natural enough to meet the requirements of newer gamers and most importantly give them a genuine appearance and feel of what to expect from blending many different classic guitar effects with a loop pedal.

For your listed price, this is more than a reasonable thing. When you take into consideration the significance of experimenting with guitar effects, this becomes a highly recommended rookie thing in our book. It’s one of those bad boys that will provide you the impulse to constantly experiment, find new grounds and yearn for more. As long as you’re after a good newcomer loop pedal, this item is a purchase you cannot regret. Good stuff!

Questions and Answers


What is the main function of the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
The most important function of the Lil’ Looper is looping, especially for live performance. It includes many looping features, dual-track looping (two loops in parallel/serial) and an adequate set of effects.

Can I record sound, always play a loop of that recording, and then coating additional tracks over the loop/phrase using the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
Yes, the Lil’ Looper has fundamental looper functionality with unlimited overdub, controlled via footswitch. The practice is to pick one of the two paths to start recording, then < press LOOP 1> again to start looping what you have recorded. You can then overdub by pressing on the pedal a third time. You can continue to add to stop the playback. You can also switch to another track (Loop 2) and start recording while the first track is playing or stopped.

How long can I record with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
The Lil’ Looper can record for 90 seconds between the two monitors (or loops). The minimum recording time per loop is 10 seconds and the max is 80 seconds.

How many memory locations (slots) are included in the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
There are no memory locations in the Lil’ Looper.

Using the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper, can I learn by having a tool teacher play something and then slow it down and work on fitting the notes and slowly speeding up?
No, the Lil’ Looper does not have the playback rate control like the VOX VDL1 has.

Can I practice soloing with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
Yes, you are able to lay down your own rhythm tracks and play over the top of them, quite easily.

Can I use the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper to capture quick tune ideas to review later?
No, there is not any storage at the Lil’ Looper and it does not have a USB or other connect to your PC.
Can I change to a different loop/slot while doing with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?

Yes you can, but you’re limited to the two tracks of the VLL1. You can play each track by itself or play them at precisely the exact same time.
Can I perform loop-to-loop queuing with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?

We are not aware of a way to attain loop-to-loop queuing with the VLL1. You need to manually stop the loop that’s playing a double tap on the footswitch of the related loop.

Can I switch back to the previous loop when performing with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
Yes you can. You have two loops to work with on the VLL1. You may play one at a time or both of these together. However, you need to start and stop them one at a time. Therefore, the it is not fluid to change from one to the other without either having a time while they are both enjoying or a time when both are stopped in between.

With the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper, can I record and play different sections of a song (verse, chorus, bridge) all during a live performance whilst not using my hands (pedals and footswitches only)?
Due to the limitation on switching between Loop 1 just and Loop two only, the VLL1 is not suitable for this type of functionality

Can I go from recording straight into overdub with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
You can, but it requires two tabs of the loop’s footswitch button.

Can I undo/redo the last overdub to change the song or eliminate a recording error with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
With the Lil’ Looper, you can undo the previous overdub and also redo the last undo.

Can I place previous layers to go quieter or fade out while overdubbing new layers with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
This function is called”Decay” by Boomerang,”Recorder Overdub Level” by Line 6,”Loop Aging” by Pigtronix, and”Feedback Decay” by others. It is used to slowly or quickly transition a song without stopping or switching your continuing loop. However, it’s not available on the VLL1.

Can I adjust the quantity or effects of person overdubs with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
Yes, with the Lil’ Looper you can alter the effects on the live input signal. However, this is done via button and dial. Therefore is not foot-controlled. However, you can purchase an optional foot switch (VOX VFS2) and control the effects with that, if the footswitch is set to control impacts (rather than loops).

Can I record individual overdubs/layers as individual WAV files with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper to then utilize in a DAW?
You are unable to record your loops with the VLL1.

Can I use the 1/8″ MP3/CD input to play tune into the looper and incorporate it into my loop with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
There isn’t any 1/8″ input on the VLL1.

Can I pre-record tracks, edit them in a DAW, load them to the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper as loops and trigger them with the footswitch if Required?
There is not any way to load tracks onto the VLL1 or save them for future usage.

Can I trigger a one-shot playback (a.k.a. single word ) using the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper? To put it differently, can I set the loop to only play one time when triggered?
On the VLL1, we are not conscious of one-shot functionality. You would have to manually stop the loop.

Can I play multiple loops simultaneously with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper, and turn them off and on? For instance, play drums on one track, base-line on the other, and guitar on another and bring them in and out of this tune?
Yes, you could record some of the parts on loop 1 and other on loop 2 and then play each loop individually or at the same time.

Can I play a loop or overdub in reverse with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
No, there is no reverse function on the VLL1.

Does the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper have stereo sound or just mono?
The Lil’ Looper has just mono.

Is there anything in the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper that reduces the clicking noise that can happen when tapping on the footswitch during overdub?
Not that we’re aware of, but these kinds of footswitch buttons are very quiet compared to the other footswitches or pedals.

Is the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper a Great looper for live performances on stage?
The Lil’ Looper is fine for live performances. The device is very portable and can operate on batteries. The drawback for live performance is the lack of seamless loop-to-loop switching. We don’t think the Lil’ Looper is extremely great for home use beyond practicing and jamming. Concerning composing new tunes, editing, porting to a DAW, etc., the functionality is lacking.

Are there several stop modes in the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
We aren’t aware of alternate stop modes in the VLL1. Many loopers do have that performance.Additionally, please be aware that you can’t stop both loops at the exact same time with the VLL1. This requires a double tap of the corresponding loop’s footswitch. But with the optional footswitch, you just need a single tap, if the footswitch is set to control loops (and not effects).

Can I stutter start with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
Yes, you can stutter with the playback effects. The timing of this stutter can be controlled with the Effect knob (dial) by hand.

Can I resample with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
To put it differently, can I take a loop and modify it by multiplying it, cutting part of it out, adding a different effect to it, etc?No, unlike the VDL1, you don’t have the option to resample on the VLL1.

Can the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper be set to auto-record Once I begin playing?
Yes the VLL1 has auto-record. It’s known as”Auto Rec” by VOX.

With the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper, are there any issues with droning (playing the same note, chord, repeated sounds, or tone-clusters continuously) at the boundaries of these loops — such as a noticeable change in volume?
We’ve not experienced or heard of a problem with droning using the Lil’ Looper.

Does the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper have a built in metronome?
Yes there’s a built in metronome from the VLL1. You can adjust the time touch and adjust the volume of the metronome. After the metronome is on, the quantity performance is on. Furthermore, if you plug in headphones into the 1/8” output you may only hear the metronome through the headphones (not the main 1/4″ output).

Is there any software that comes with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
No, there’s absolutely no PC software that is made available specifically for the VOX looper pedals.

Is quantize performance available on the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
Yes, the Lil’ Looper has a quantize mode. You can disable using the TAP button.

Will the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper interface with my DAW (digital audio workstation)/pc through USB?
The Lil’ Looper does not function as an audio interface.

Will the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper interface with my computer through USB to transfer sound files?
The Lil’ Looper does not have a USB port.

Can I save and remember loops with SD card with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
There is no SD card slot on the Lil’ Looper.

Does the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper have effects (FX)?
Yes, the Lil’ Looper has 12 types of effects.

Can I skip the effects (FX) using the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
Yes, there’s a button with which you can skip the effects on the VLL1.

Can I turn off or mute the live signal that is fed through the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper (for use in parallel effects loops of an amp or in Aux Send/Return of a mixer)?
No, there is no way to mute the live signal. This can cause sound quality (phasing) issues when used in parallel effects loops or send/return aux of a mixer.

Can I save presets for consequences with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
Yes, for each effect type, you can save your favorite settings.

Does the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper have an XLR mic input? Does it have phantom power for a condenser microphone?
No, the Lil’ Looper Doesn’t Have an XLR input.

Does the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper serve as a mixer with multiple inputs?
No, there’s just one 1/4″ input on the VLL1.

Can I re-assign footswitch performance with the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
The Lil’ Looper includes two footswitch buttons and the ability to add an external footswitch with two extra buttons.

Does the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper have a headphone jack for monitoring and playback?
Yes, the Lil’ Looper does have a dedicated 1/8″ jack for headphones. When plugged in with the metronome on, you may just listen to the metronome through the headphones.

Can the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper be connected to an external MIDI device?
No the Lil’ Looper Doesn’t have MIDI ports.

Does VOX release firmware upgrades for the Lil’ Looper?
We are unaware of any ability for the user to update the firmware.

Is there an optional footswitch that I can add to the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper to improve performance?
Yes, with the VLL1, you may add the VOX VFS2 and it’s two footswitch buttons. It can operate in one of two manners. Either it will control the effects or it will control the loop operation.

Is there an optional expressional pedal I can increase the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper to control effects (FX)?
No, there is not a means to connect an extra expression pedal to the VLL1.

What’s the sampling rate and bit depth of the A/D/A transformation?
For the VLL1, the A/D/A conversion is sampled at 44.1 kHz. However, the bit depth is not specified since it is for the VDL1

Can the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper be battery powered?
Yes, the VLL1 can be powered by six AA batteries. The AC/DC power supply is truly not included. You can buy one separately and use it.

How is the warranty for the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
According to the VOX website , the warranty is 1 year.

What size is VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper?
The Lil’ Looper is compact. It weighs 1.6 pounds. It’s footprint is 6.5″ x 5.7″ and is 2.4″ tall.

Why is using a VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper better than just using computer software? Or why should I use a stompbox looper rather than something that’s software based?
Ease of use — when you have a looper pedal setup, you just sit down and play (like picking up an instrument). This makes spontaneous fifteen minute jam sessions happen all of the time.

Why is using a VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper better than just using an iPhone or iPad application?
There’s very limited functionality with the iOS based loopers compared to the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper. Nevertheless, these apps are quickly improving. With additional hardware (microphone, Bluetooth control pedal, etc.), these setups may start to look attractive. Please visit our iOS app setup info. With regards to live performances, bringing an iPad or iPhone on point may feel more like a DJ performance, but it’s not going as far as having a laptop. Additionally, the OS may be more predictable and stable compared to an whole computer or workstation. Thus, we believe iOS based loopers will be stage-friendly than laptops, but not as stage-friendly as pedals/stompboxes in the near future.

What company makes the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper and where are they located?
VOX Amplification Ltd is situated in London, England. They’ve a long history and the first product with the VOX title was introduced in 1954. In 1992, the business was sold to KORG Inc.. KORG is based in Tokyo, Japan.

What’s the service from VOX on any issues that arise with the device?
There’s a primary guide on the Lil’ Looper that is extremely thorough. Specifically, they include a lot of information, such as the functional block diagram which many other manuals do not include. Further, VOX is quite responsive to questions which are sent to their technical support team. Also, there’s a forum on their site where you can explore the products and functionality with other users. However, the forum is not well-attended yet for the looper products.

How long has the VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper been in production?
The VOX VLL1 Lil’ Looper (Lil’ Looper or VL1) was released in March, 2012. This was the second looper product released by VOX. The first was the VDL1 Dynamic Looper, which was released in January, 2011.

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